Good-bye 2014!

Good-bye 2014! I will not miss you. It wasn't a bad year but it was a strange one. Looking back, I felt like I was in a fog all year. But at the same time I gained a lot of clarity around some life questions.

About a year ago around this time, D and I talked about 2014 being the year where all the ingredients we had picked to go into the 'cake' we were making was finally ready to be baked. And in 2014, we would be baking the cake.  Looking back now I think the analogy was about right. And I think in 2015, the cake will be ready to be taken out of the oven....we will just have to remember the #1 beagle life lesson ;)



in the moment

I like reading the last few pages of a book before I get there, I look up spoilers for movies and tv shows, getting my tarot cards read, I like knowing what's ahead. I like being able to make the best of opportunities and also brace myself for the low points.

Lately thought I've been feeling a bit stuck.  I'm trying to live in the moment, train and use some patience and it's hard! How do all you spiritual live day by day peeps do it?!?!!


summer love ♥ puppy love ♥ life with dogs

Summer love, beautiful day, happy.


Hau‘oli ♥

We just got back from an amazing family (minus the bbs) vacation! For me the vacation is one I will never forget. It also helped me with this next transition in my life. I've come back feeling renewed and re-energized for what's to come next.

Feeling, hau‘oli (peaceful, happy).


lazy sunday ♥ puppy love ♥ life with dogs

I ♥ lazy Sundays. We spent the day choosing photos to actually print (omg!) and put into frames (what!?) and hang on the wall (what a concept!!!).

Here's me taking a break with Hammie. He didn't like having to follow me around the house as I tried to figure out where to hang things. He prefers it much more when I'm his pillow.


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obsessions lately

My mind has been racing lately. And, there are two things that I've been obsessed with that have helped calmed the million thoughts running through my head:

1. Candy Crush

2. Buying an assortment of dresses! I just can't get enough!

As I write this post I realize the photo of me in my new red dress oddly looks like the candy crush girl! LOL.

How do you deal with stress and over-thinking things?

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