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Wow I can't believe its already the end of December! It seems December has come and gone with the blink of an eye! And what an eventful month it was!

At the beginning of the month I went on a girls trip to Vegas with my sister and Mum. I can't remember the last time the three of us went on a trip together...just before Sis got married I think. Vegas was good. It was my second time there and the first for Sis and Mum. They both said they were glad they went and saw and had fun but don't think they would ever want to go back. I have to agree. It was good to spend time with them though and hope we can go on another girls trip soon. You can see a few pics of our trip from 'Henrii's' point of view here.

I got home from Vegas just in time for Hammie's birthday, see previous blog post. Then a few days later Dave and I took off to Hawaii. It was our first time there and we loved it!! Hawaii was never high on our list of places to travel but the deals were too good to pass up and we were feeling a bit depressed with all the dreary weather. We had a great time and would definitely go back. Here are two of my favorite pics from our trip:

Me reflecting on all the good things in life and feeling really lucky.
(photo taken by Dave)

Pic of the sun setting. I like this picture b/c I feel like the sun rays are reaching out
to me and they look like flower petals (photo taken with my iphone)

You can see more pics of Hawaii from 'Henrii's' point of view here.
My top 2 favorite memories of the trip include:
- getting a surprise helicopter ride from Dave. I felt like the bachelorette (yes I watch that cheesy show). It was the first time for both of us riding in a helicopter and definitely got to see parts of the island from 2 of the best seats! 
- floating around in the ocean with Dave, waiting and watching for the sun to set. We managed to catch a few waves on our inter tubes (we called them 'bubbles'). True paradise! I'll never forget that day *big sigh*!

We got home from Hawaii just in time to get ready for Christmas. Christmas yesterday was great. We went over to my sister's house for a family dinner with my sister's family, my parents and Dave's parents. The pups had fun running around, sniffing out cousin Max the Cat and sharing bison bones with cousin Moby the Lab. They both got the cutest little scarves and neat biodegradable booties from Auntie and Uncle. I think Auntie felt they might need them after she saw ZuZu's facebook pictures of the booties we tried to make out of duct tape (hey they look cute though don't they?)! :P

The pups were sooo tired from all the activities (so was I). As soon as we got home Hampton ran for his favorite spot on the couch and started rolling around on his back as if to say "aaahhhh feels good to be home...good night!!"

All in all, December was good to me / us this year. I'm a little sad to see it all end (vacations, time off work, presents, shopping, etc!!) but at the same time ready for 2011!

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