hampton monroe - a control freak

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I've never had a dog that was soooo into his routine. If he is off his schedule he goes crazy. Without his routine he gets very uncomfortable, whiney, paws at me, starts chewing whatever he can get his mouth on and rings his bell constantly (we trained him to ring the bell when he has to pee but uses it for other communication purposes). What a control freak! Here are a few examples:

- Since Hampton joined our family a year ago he has not let me sleep in past 7am. By the
  way I am not a morning person.

- He must must must have his breakfast at 6am and dinner at 6pm.

- He must go for his walks at the same time each day and after his walks he picks up one of
  his favourite toys and runs up and down the hall way with it non-stop for 5 to 10 minutes.

- After dinner he must have quality time with mummy on the couch (which 50% of the time
  includes mummy holding one end of a chew toy while he chews the other end).

- Just recently I discovered he has a favourite blanket which he must nap with. He refuses to
  cuddle and nap with any other. Btw his naps are very important especially when I am
  working from home so I can have some peace.

Again, what a control freak!  But a very cute one so I can't help but enable his behavior.  LOL! As I write this he is ringing his 'bell' alerting me to the fact that its almost 6pm - dinner time. He's so silly!!


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