good blood

We got an update from our Vet last night that SB's blood looks good. She came by the next day after his episode to check in on him, take some blood and gave us more supplements (we're giving him a lower does of carb veg every 4 days now).

The results of test show his blood is better than last time and there is good red cell regeneration. He still shows as a little anemic but she says its probably due to his episode the other night. This is great news.

I am feeling ok but more worried now. D is still trying to cheer me up and keep me in good spirits. On Thursday my mom and dad came for a visit and I think mainly to check in on me. They kept me company as I waited for D to come home. I get kinda nervous when he's not around. Its so nice to have the support of my family during this time. They totally understand that SB and ZZ really are our babies. I really can't stand when people roll their eyes or look at us funny when we talk about them and I think, do you not have any empathy or ability to put yourself in others shoes. D and I aren't going to have kids and SB and ZZ are our life.

I don't feel like doing anything else but to spend time with SB and ZZ. Last night we watched a few episodes of 90210 together (I can't watch anything serious lately as I end up getting really anxious). SB slept on my lap and ZZ was beside me as I gave her a massage. She enjoyed that v. much. :) D also took ZZ for a looong walk to help relieve stress in both of them. D had to sneak ZZ out though and did a good job as SB didn't notice.

It was a perfect night.
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