"They" laughed and smiled!

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We were really touched by a tweet we received yesterday about our most recent cartoon. I'm always touched and surprised with any nice comments we received but this one really made us feel good.

It was from our bulldog friend @That1EBD. He tweeted:
"*They* really loved it! Laughed and smiled! #bullDogNATION"

"They" meaning kids at a learning centre where @That1EBD and his Mum volunteer at. Here are photos they took of the kids watching our cartoon:

Its nice to know that we brought smiles to those who watched our cartoon and in turn brought us big smiles too.

Here is a link to @That1EBD's blog that describes the great work that he and his Mum do at the learning centre!


Thank you to our dear friend @That1EBD, you made our day, week, month!!!
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