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Don't have anything in particular to blog about today so thought I'd just share some puppy love!



Hampton is just a little over a year now but he still is like a puppy to me. ZuZu will be 9 this year (yikes!) and I still call her my puppy.  Its funny how they still think of themselves as being the same size as they were when they were just a few months old. Sometimes I don't think Hampton realizes how big he has is now by the way he tries to squeeze himself on my lap. He manages to fit but he's just not as small as he used to be! Too cute.

Hope everyone is having a good day today!

p.s. Btw we have a new valentine's comic up. Just a simple story but definitely mirrors reality. I'm also working on another flash and hope to put it up soon. Having fun learning how to use it but no expert by any means so its taking me a bit longer to create.

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