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I'm thrilled to report our comic will be featured every other week by The Anipal Times! We are very excited an honored to be part of this family.

"The Anipal Times was founded in March 2010 to give the Twitter anipals* a central place to find, write, share and link to content, news, announcements and events in the anipal community and beyond. There is an amazing community of anipals creating all sorts of great things around the web, but the more it grows, the harder it becomes to locate and keep up with it all. Most communities have a newspaper and now we have one too."

We will still post our comics on our comic blog so you can still access them here. Drawing the comics for The Anipal Times will also motivate us to get them out on a more regular basis (I know I've been slacking a bit on that!).

On a related but seperate note, I also would like to take the opportunity to redeem myself from the last comic write up for "Mummy Farts" (our first comic to be featured on The Anipal Times). Dave wrote the following to go along with the comic on our blog:

"Mummy tends to have some pretty loud farts. Must be all of the peas she eats. She conveniently blames it on ZuZu due to the fact that we once put her on a low carb diet that seemed to produce some very interesting smells. With bb (bad breath) and smelly farts, ZuZu can't seem to catch a break."

What is false in that statement: "Mummy tends to have some pretty loud farts" - I have to object! I have no idea what he's talking about! My farts are quiet and smell like flowers!  ;0)
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