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Its been a while but finally ready to post again. We've been kind of offline the last few months after Starbuck passed. It was 6 months yesterday since he left us and I'm still missing him lots. However, what I haven't blogged about is the newest addition to puppyjones (our family)....Hampton Monroe! Hampton was born 6 months ago today. Yes, the day after Starbuck's he holds a very special place in our hearts. He's been keeping us busy...very busy. It had been so long since we had a puppy in our home we forgot about how hard it is to potty train and how much attention he needs. Thank god we have ZuZu to babysit from time to time. ZuZu has adjusted really well. She was of course needing some time to heal from Starbuck's passing (she had nightmares and anxiety). But Hampton has warmed up to her and she is back to her happy self. Can you believe she turns 8 this month!!
Anyway, just wanted to give an update as I haven't blogged in so long. Here are some pics!


Hampton Monroe - his first week here

ZuZu's watchful eyes during Hampton's first week home

Hampton Monroe at 5 months - a special trick i taught him

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