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It's Market Monday! I love shopping and browsing for things online and so I thought I'd start a weekly "Market Monday" blog post and share with you random cute, fun and interesting things we find. And occasionally we'll include product reviews too.

Last week I blogged about PAWZ booties we received as xmas gifts (see previous post here). Since then we had the chance to have the bb's try them out. Here is what we think:

Getting them on:
We were able to get these puppies on our puppies pretty easily. They feel (and look) like balloons, were quite stretchy and flexible. We were happy there weren't any straps or laces which would have taken a bit longer to put them on. We did distract them with some treats which definitely helped!

How they look:
They are pretty simple looking and more function than fashion. But still pretty cute I think!

How they feel:

The bb's got used to wearing them quite quickly.  PAWZ website describes their booties as "the most natural-feeling boot your dog can wear because without padding your dog feels the ground, providing a needed sense of security". Based on how fast the bb's got used to them we would agree with that statement. Here is a short video of ZuZu and Hampton wearing the booties for the first time:

Booties in action:
It was slushy and rainy out on our walk. We assume there was quite a bit of salt on the roads as it snowed earlier in the day and we live in a pretty hilly area. We actually walk them on the road as there are no sidewalks in our neighborhood. 
The bb's seemed to easily adapt to wearing the booties - no awkward steps. The only downfall we found was when we got home we realized one of ZuZu's sharp toenails punctured through the bootie. This is partly our fault as her nails weren't cut as they should be. The upside is that Dave has rubber paint we can use to try and mend the bootie. If that doesn't work, its no big deal as its a package of 12 booties so there are extra to spare!

We will give another update after the bb's get the chance to wear these a few more times. But for the first time out and for our first impressions, Hampton and ZuZu give these booties 3 out of 4 paws!

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