i missed the grammy's but twitter kept me updated!

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I missed watching the Grammy's last night! However twitter was all the buzz with the latest updates so in a way I feel like I kind of saw it. I heard it was actually one of the best Grammy's in a loooong time. Darn! Oh well! I'll have to go check out who was best / worst dressed online after I write this. I hope Rachel Zoe's clients all 'shut it down' :) BTW is her show coming back on for another season? I wonder what happened or is happening with Tay...but I digress.

So I guess you can say I am now addicted to Twitter. I actually signed up when it first came out but didn't go on it much. But now I can't help myself. I'm a bit scared tho of where this puts me in terms of the behavioral disorders I might have LOL!


Btw you can follow me at @puppyjoneslove and the pups at @puppyjones (the pups are more popular than I am!)

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