crossing fingers and toes really tight

We didn't do much this weekend. Stayed home, worked a bit and mostly spent time with the BBs. It was so nice out today. We got to spend time out on the patio again and SB got some fresh air.

I'm worried about him right now but I think he's ok. I think he's just tired from having us around all day and not having a chance to really nap. I hope. Its so hard to tell sometimes. His temp is good but his gums seem a bit pale and he seems uncomfortable. We gave him some carbo veg and he seems ok right now...therefore, crossing our fingers and toes really tight that he is not having another episode.

I've been reading forums and blogs of other people who are going through something similar and I could totally relate to what this one person wrote
"your world becomes smaller and more compact - my days revolved around checking her gums for re-fill time..for color - dear God please let me see pink not pale or white. I would check her gums a million times a day. Not knowing when I come home after being out for a few hours will she be there to greet me."
Its so true that everything becomes smaller and more compact. Everything right now revolves around when I have to check temperature or check the color of his gums. I record everything in a notebook so I don't forget the details. There are also other things I look out for. Like if he doesn't sleep on his pillows or blankets its an indicator that he's not feeling good. When he moves off his pillows D and I look over at each other with worry. When he moves back onto his pillows we high-five each other (he's on his bed right now, moved over a few min ago - yes!). Also when he snores I know he's ok b/c he's in a deep sleep (c'mon snores!!).

Ok I better go. I've got to get ready for tomorrow and need to check up on him again. Will update more tomorrow...don't worry. I know he'll be ok. Crossing fingers and toes really tight.

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