too early for xmas?

Believe it or not but I'm getting really excited for xmas this year. Of course our tree is up all year round but it seems extra nice to have the lights on when it gets closer to that time. I tried to take some early xmas pics but I don't think Starbuck and ZuZu are as excited as I am about the approaching holiday season. They don't looked too thrilled do they?

The weather is starting to get really chilly and I like that. And today, after a stretch of rain and grey, we had a beautiful day. ZuZu was really excited about that, so much so that she escaped from the backyard and went for a little walk on her own!! Yes we freaked out but we found her in the front sniffing around in our neighbours yard (thank god).

Update on Starbuck:
He is doing well. He had one of his worst episodes a week ago (2 in a row) and we were up for 48 hours taking care of him and making sure he was comfortable. D and I were major zombies after that! He is doing so good now though. He bounced right back again, hungry and snuggly as ever. His doctor came by just after his episode and said he was doing great despite his condition. So happy about that. She gave us new remedies which seem to work better than the last one he was on. Yay!
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