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Hi all!
I can't believe its already mid / late October! The year is just flying by! The other day, Dave and I were reflecting on how our little web site has grown since we re-launched it back in January. A few of these include: actually getting the web site up and running again, having our comic featured bi-weekly in The Anipal Times, getting our trademark in Canada and US finalized and the latest is having our t-shirt and Hampton Monroe featured in an online Indian Magazine "Woof!". Its a small feature but a feature none the less! And we are happy for the opportunity to reach out to readers internationally!

This is a screenshot from the Anipal Times home page featuring our comic!

Doesn't Hampton look so handsome featuring one of our "Jonesin' for Puppy Love" t-shirts?

We are also having fun with making our videos of the bb's. Dave recently put together a video story about Hampton plotting to steal ZuZu's t.b. Some of the footage really makes me laugh: the scene where Hampton ruins it for himself by lunging out at ZuZu and forgetting about t.b., and the scene where ZuZu is sitting on the armchair all victorious from getting her t.b. back. lol!

If you haven't seen it yet, click here and have a peek at it!

For those of you who have seen us grow from when we first launched back in 2004 and those who just discovered our web site, thank you for visiting us. We hope we can continue to grow and share our story for the love of our pups with you for a long time!

Grace (aka Mummy)
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