thank you

We would like to say thank you for all the messages we got back regarding Starbuck's passing. We miss him so much. There are some days I feel like he is still here and in disbelief about the last few months but then reality sets in pretty quick. Its been up and down and mainly trying to keep busy.

ZuZu is holding up ok. She is depressed as well. We can tell as she sleeps a lot more and isn't as interested in playing with her ball as she used to be. My heart aches when I see moments of when she forgets he's no longer here. We just had our first snowfall and I know when she was out playing in the yard she was looking for her BFF to chase around. We've been paying a lot of extra attention to her and taking her out for long walks and giving her lots of yummy food to eat (we're glad she hasn't lost her appetite).

Anyway, we are are handling it and just trying to take it day by day.  

This is a picture I took the night Starbuck passed. It might seem odd that I took a picture that night but it was beautiful and I felt like it was a message that he was in peace and I wanted to remember it

Here is a pic of ZuZu, just because she's our angel. She's all snuggled up in her new spot these days beside me on the couch.

Here is a pic of the flowers my sister brought for us to his private ceremony/memorial. 

She may or may not realize it but these are actually SB's favorite flowers (we always draw him with these flowers in our comic).  Speaking of flowers, thank you to the Jung family for sending the beautiful bouquet and the card - it was very touching.
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