thank you

We're thankful for all the love and positive thoughts from our friends and family. I was especially touched by an email from my sister:

"Sean, Quinn and I love SB very much. He is our furry nephew/cousin. We think SB IS a miracle dog who gives everyone he meets love and joy.

Love you!

sb: our miracle dog!


On Sep 3rd Starbuck suddenly fell ill and we took him to Emergency. He was in pretty critical condition when we brought him to the Emerg Clinic and thankfully the team there was able to revive him (they do a great job and are also very very nice people there). He was bleeding internally very badly and ended up having a plasma transfusion. Initially, they thought it was rat poisoning b/c of the symptoms he had but we were confused as we couldn’t think of any situation where he would be exposed to that. After a day of testing they found multiple masses (what they believe are tumours) on his liver. If its what the doctors think it is, its very serious. I don’t even like writing this as its very difficult for me. Everyday is a blessing right now and all we are doing is trying to stay positive and believing that he is and will be our miracle dog. Right now Starbuck is doing really well and recovering from the trauma over the last few days. He’s eating and snoring as per usual which is good but we’re limiting his movement. He sleeps a lot which is good b/c he needs the rest. We’re doing ok.


ZuZu I think understands and knows that something is going on as she is always sniffing at Starbuck and licking his head when they are near each other.

Today we were able to spend some time with him outside to give him some fresh air. I think he enjoyed that very much.



We wanted to start a blog about Starbuck and ZuZu for quite some time now and finally got around to it. We thought this would be a good way to keep you up to date on SB’s progress and how we (me - Mummy, D - Daddy... and ZZ) are doing. So here it is!
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