its quiet

Daddy is working really late today. Poor guy is working crazy hours once again. So this leaves the three of us at home bored...

We can't do much as we have to limit SB's movement. We have to make sure he doesn't get too excited or too stressed out as it might trigger another episode. ZuZu looks like she is going to go stir crazy. I can't take her out though b/c SB has never been on his own...come to think of it, he hasn't been on his own since ZuZu came into our lives when he was about 5 months. So don't want to create stress in that sense. I feel bad for her so will take her out for a walk when D gets home...if i'm still awake!

I just looked over and he's licking ZZ's head. They are so cute together.


zuzu and her t.b.

So we are on day 2 since the last episode and all is good. Yay! We've been resting a lot and taking it easy. SB's vitals are all good, he's just more tired.

Things were getting a little too quiet for ZuZu so she decided to entertain me and SB by playing with her T.B. in front of us. Luckily I had a camera to capture her craziness. She is too hilarious. If you don't know by now, she is obsessed with T.B. Can you see the crazy look in her eyes?

"come to me T.B...come closer"

"got it"

"rar! rar! rar! you're mine"

She wrestled with T.B. for a while...later on she and D entertained us with Quatchi-choo...she is too cute.

never been sooo happy to see doggie poops!

Didn't get much sleep again last night. I woke up about 3 and SB seemed uncomfortable. I stayed up and gave him a massage to provide some comfort. I eventually fell asleep with him again (an aside: my body isn't what it used to be, sleeping on the floor does not do my body any good!).

Leaving for work was so stressful. It was hard for us to leave him. The only comforting thought was that he would have ZuZu with him. I was so sensitive at work. I didn't want to talk to anyone about the situation. Luckily an afternoon meeting got canceled so I was able to come home even earlier than planned.

The hour long drive was awful. It just isn't good for my nerves these days. I tried really hard not to think about the worst case scenario but its just my nature. I tried to focus on believing that SB and ZZ would be ok when I got home.

When I got home, I smelt something really bad. Something I hadn't smelt before. I rushed over to their bed scared out of my wits. ZuZu looked nervous and was whining. To my relief, there was doggie poopoo in the middle of the floor (luckily we had laid down some plastic before we left). Also to my relief was little Starbuck sitting up in the bathroom happy to see me!! He was sitting up!!! I'm happy about that b/c since the last episode SB has been lying down most of the time and only standing up to eat, drink water or pee.

ZuZu was so nervous b/c she knows that poopoo and peepee in the house are a big nono. It took her a bit to calm down and wouldn't stop yapping at me. I think she was just trying to explain what had happened.

SB is doing well. It seems as though his bloating has gone down. He ate and is resting beside me now. I am sooo happy!!!


I'm sitting here watching SB sleeping. He's had a rough 24 hours. We all have. Good notes: He ate a full meal, had some treats, temp is up and staying up around 38 and gums look ok.
We are still really worried about him and how could we not be. He's tired and the bloating is hard on him.
For some inspiration, here is a pic of sb at the park when he was a few months old. Strong and healthy as he has been in mind in spirit the last few weeks.

He looks kinda crazy huh? teehee...always making us smile.

another episode last night

Last night was tough. I haven't slept yet and can't sleep. Last night around 11pm SB had another episode. It started again with him looking a bit uncomfortable and not wanting to sleep on his blankets or pillows. We checked his gums - pale. His temp also had fallen to around 36 (normal healthy dog temp taken from the bum is between 38 and 39). We started him on his meds/supplements.
We spend the whole night waiting, monitoring and escalating the meds. Finally at about 7am his temp turned and was back around 37. And now its at 38.3 which is the highest its been since he's been sick. His gums also have their color back. He's very tired and I'm sure its the meds and not being able to sleep properly. I'm still anxious though and waiting to have him ask me where his treat is. Thats when I'll know things are ok.
I am so happy he made it through the night. It breaks my heart to see him this way and its so hard when they can't tell you how much pain they are in. At one point I told SB how much we love him and that we knew how much he loved us. And, if this was the right time then it was ok but that if he felt he wanted to fight then we are all here fighting for him. Based on his response I think there are still a few things for him to do in this lifetime.
Will update more later today when he wakes up.


Back from dinner. SB and ZZ are ok! We had to go out as we don't have much groceries. Will need to get some tomorrow. I get a lot of anxiety when I'm out. Worrying so much about Starbuck.
Its good that I can work from home when I can but next week is going to be busy and worried that I might have to be away for full days. D is even busier than I am and we both try really hard to have at least one person be at home or not to be away for too long. I want to spend as much time as I can with the BBs. I just don't feel good when I leave home.
SB is tired today. He's been burying himself under his blankets. This isn't something new as he loves to be under covers but I often wonder how he can even breathe!
He is such a cutie pie. As I type this, I look over at him and he's looking back at me. We love you Starbuck!
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