too early for xmas?

Believe it or not but I'm getting really excited for xmas this year. Of course our tree is up all year round but it seems extra nice to have the lights on when it gets closer to that time. I tried to take some early xmas pics but I don't think Starbuck and ZuZu are as excited as I am about the approaching holiday season. They don't looked too thrilled do they?

The weather is starting to get really chilly and I like that. And today, after a stretch of rain and grey, we had a beautiful day. ZuZu was really excited about that, so much so that she escaped from the backyard and went for a little walk on her own!! Yes we freaked out but we found her in the front sniffing around in our neighbours yard (thank god).

Update on Starbuck:
He is doing well. He had one of his worst episodes a week ago (2 in a row) and we were up for 48 hours taking care of him and making sure he was comfortable. D and I were major zombies after that! He is doing so good now though. He bounced right back again, hungry and snuggly as ever. His doctor came by just after his episode and said he was doing great despite his condition. So happy about that. She gave us new remedies which seem to work better than the last one he was on. Yay!

happy halloween

Its been a while since I've posted. I've been busy spending QT with my babies. D was out of town so grandma came over to stay with us. The bb's were happy to see her. Grandma spoiled them lots and gave them lots of love.
SB has been doing well. He went 10 days without an episode. We even managed to get him into a halloween outfit.
I dressed our bb's in piggy outfits. Kinda fitting don't you think?

SB figured since he was in his outfit he really should get a treat (he's standing where he always does when he wants a treat).



I haven't figured out how to embed videos from other sites...Anyway, this is a cute, funny and kinda weird video. Thought I'd post it.

Click here

we're happy when the bbs are happy

Things have been really good. SB is in such good health right now. His doctor came by for a check up and she was surprised at how well he is doing. Heartbeat good, gums good, weight good. All good! Yay!! He has been episode free since Saturday. He and ZuZu are snuggle bunnies these days. I think she feels more comfortable snuggling up to him now that he's feeling better. We also expanded their bed and made it a bit longer and added more blankets. They are super spoiled!
We've also been able to actually sleep through the night which is soo nice. But getting just a little bit of something good always makes you want more and more. All I've felt like doing is sleeping. Speaking of...night everyone! Just wanted to give you all an update on things.

p.s. By the way, we've had a few people ask what BB stands for as its a term we use all the time to refer to our family and to SB and ZZ. "BB" comes from an inside joke between me and D which stands for Bad Breath. Long story... ;)

happy thanksgiving

How did it get to be October?

September was just a blur. It was probably the hardest time I've experienced in a long while. But, there are also many things to be thankful for. In no particular order...

I'm thankful for Starbuck. He is truly our miracle dog. The doctor who saw him at emergency only gave him a few days or few weeks after the 1st scare. Way to prove them wrong SB! SB's health has been up and down but he is doing good. And I'm so thankful for everyday that he is with us.

When you have a scare like this you realize how precious life truly is. Anything can happen at any moment and you just have to live life with as little regret as possible.

I'm thankful for ZuZu who is really our little angel. Always giving us such joy and love. She is so attentive and always making us laugh. I'm thankful she is healthy and happy.

I'm thankful for my family. They are always there 100% to support me and D. My mom and dad go to church every week and they always pray and light a candle for us and esp. for SB to get better. My mom told me the other day that even her friends are worried about us. She goes out for coffee (gossip time) with her friends each week and they always ask if he's ok and what his status is. Its nice to know that people do care and that our doggies are accepted as part of our family vs just being considered pets. My sis and her hubby are also always checking in and always there to just listen or offer support.

The same goes for my wonderful friends who are also so supportive and understanding. Its nice to have friends who know what I'm going through and offer support via emails, msn and fb as they know I'm not a phone person :)

I'm thankful for my nephew who is so happy and healthy. He started school this year and he is doing so well. My mom says everyone at school knows him as when she goes to pick him up, everyone is always saying hi to him from the different teachers to the kids in the school no matter what grade they are in. Must be the family charm ;)

I'm thankful in general for having such a great life. A husband who is my soul mate, a good job, a good home and being able to live a comfortable life. There are so many people out there struggling to make it and I'm thankful for everything we have.


sb looking for snacks

Thought I'd post 2 cute videos of SB for those who haven't seen him in a while (taken Sunday). This first video I'm in the kitchen and I knew he'd be walking in as I was making noise with plates etc...his cue that its eating/snack time. ZuZu makes an appearance too :)

In this second video, he's finished his snack and the look he gives me at the end is classic "are you going to feed me or what"

p.s. don't bug me about my baby voice, can't help it :))
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