sleeping beauty and a new haircut

SB hasn't been feeling so great these last few days. However, tonight he had a good meal and soon after fell into a sleep coma. I love watching him sleep, so peaceful. He was dreaming when I took this photo as he started barking and growling. I think he was dreaming of that squirrel he chased in the yard a few days ago. I wasn't happy about that as it may have triggered the last episode he had but at least in that moment he had fun doing it.

ZZ got a haircut this like?


we're doing ok...

It feels like its been a while since my last post. Time is just flying by and a part of me would just like it to move a bit slower -- esp if that means more time with Starbuck.

Starbuck is doing ok. We are happy that for a period of time, SB was episode free (for about 13 days). But he had another episode that started on Monday which was very different in that it was a slow build up of various symptoms to a point where he wasn't eating or sleeping and was very pale, weak and depressed. It came to a climax yesterday and our doctor came to see him. We got new remedies to try out and thankfully it seems to be working. We're feeding him chicken broth now as he doesn't like any of his food except his treats (of course). He loves his chicken broth and I guess I never thought of feeding him soup but what a great idea as its easy to go down, warm and easy on his system.

ZuZu is doing ok too. I think the stress is getting to her as she seems to know when SB isn't doing so well. She is loving the new food we are giving her though and still tries to cheer us all up with the funny things she does.

Here are some pics for those of you who haven't seen our babes in a while:

teehee! Starbuck and ZuZu are famous!

Starbuck: "Excuse me mommy, pls stop taking pics and let me lie down or give me a treat"

Mom: "Does anyone want a treat?"

ZuZu: "Yah Yah Yah Yah Yah!"

All snuggled ZZ in there anywhere?

Generally, D and I are doing ok. There is a lot of other stuff going on that I haven't blogged about but I suppose its just life and stuff we just try and get though. There were some low points but we remind each other we have to be thankful and stay positive. To cheer me up, D surprised me today with tickets to SYTYCD Canada!! I thought he was joking but its for real. I'm a big fan and know I'm going to just geek out that night -- teehee!

too early for xmas?

Believe it or not but I'm getting really excited for xmas this year. Of course our tree is up all year round but it seems extra nice to have the lights on when it gets closer to that time. I tried to take some early xmas pics but I don't think Starbuck and ZuZu are as excited as I am about the approaching holiday season. They don't looked too thrilled do they?

The weather is starting to get really chilly and I like that. And today, after a stretch of rain and grey, we had a beautiful day. ZuZu was really excited about that, so much so that she escaped from the backyard and went for a little walk on her own!! Yes we freaked out but we found her in the front sniffing around in our neighbours yard (thank god).

Update on Starbuck:
He is doing well. He had one of his worst episodes a week ago (2 in a row) and we were up for 48 hours taking care of him and making sure he was comfortable. D and I were major zombies after that! He is doing so good now though. He bounced right back again, hungry and snuggly as ever. His doctor came by just after his episode and said he was doing great despite his condition. So happy about that. She gave us new remedies which seem to work better than the last one he was on. Yay!

happy halloween

Its been a while since I've posted. I've been busy spending QT with my babies. D was out of town so grandma came over to stay with us. The bb's were happy to see her. Grandma spoiled them lots and gave them lots of love.
SB has been doing well. He went 10 days without an episode. We even managed to get him into a halloween outfit.
I dressed our bb's in piggy outfits. Kinda fitting don't you think?

SB figured since he was in his outfit he really should get a treat (he's standing where he always does when he wants a treat).



I haven't figured out how to embed videos from other sites...Anyway, this is a cute, funny and kinda weird video. Thought I'd post it.

Click here

we're happy when the bbs are happy

Things have been really good. SB is in such good health right now. His doctor came by for a check up and she was surprised at how well he is doing. Heartbeat good, gums good, weight good. All good! Yay!! He has been episode free since Saturday. He and ZuZu are snuggle bunnies these days. I think she feels more comfortable snuggling up to him now that he's feeling better. We also expanded their bed and made it a bit longer and added more blankets. They are super spoiled!
We've also been able to actually sleep through the night which is soo nice. But getting just a little bit of something good always makes you want more and more. All I've felt like doing is sleeping. Speaking of...night everyone! Just wanted to give you all an update on things.

p.s. By the way, we've had a few people ask what BB stands for as its a term we use all the time to refer to our family and to SB and ZZ. "BB" comes from an inside joke between me and D which stands for Bad Breath. Long story... ;)
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