"They" laughed and smiled!

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We were really touched by a tweet we received yesterday about our most recent cartoon. I'm always touched and surprised with any nice comments we received but this one really made us feel good.

It was from our bulldog friend @That1EBD. He tweeted:
"*They* really loved it! Laughed and smiled! #bullDogNATION"

"They" meaning kids at a learning centre where @That1EBD and his Mum volunteer at. Here are photos they took of the kids watching our cartoon:

Its nice to know that we brought smiles to those who watched our cartoon and in turn brought us big smiles too.

Here is a link to @That1EBD's blog that describes the great work that he and his Mum do at the learning centre!


Thank you to our dear friend @That1EBD, you made our day, week, month!!!
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Our cartoons have voices!

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Part 4 of our cartoon animation is up on our youtube channel www.youtube.com/user/puppyjoneslove! Wow this one took longer than I thought it would. Not only because I was thinking about what would happen next but also because I decided to try and use voices! It was fun playing around with the audio and bringing the characters a little bit more to life.

The latest cartoon is Part 4 of a series where our little Hampton Monroe tries to find love online. Being a puppy, Hampton has lots to learn and most times he fails. I have to give him one thing though and that is he never stops trying! And that's true to life :)

If some of you are thinking that Hampton Monroe's voice sounds more like a little girl we agree with you.  However, we thought since he is a puppy we wanted to portray a pre-pubescent voice and the innocence that goes along with it.

We were also happy to introduce Curly Poo and Sunbeam in this cartoon.
Curly Poo has only been in one of our comics so far and you may have seen Sunbeam around here and there. If you haven't figured it out by watching the cartoon, Sunbeam is a little pre-madonna. She loves her self and everything beautiful. Curly poo is well, a piece of poo! But he is dealing with it and trying the live his life as best he can. I think you get a glimpse of what these two are about in this video. Their short bios are also found here.

I'm having a lot of fun just playing around with this stuff. Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy!
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anipal academy awards

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I've been meaning to blog about this for a while and don't know why I didn't get to it sooner! My pups and I have met some great anipals and their "hoomans" on twitter. Recently one of our anipals had a great idea for an "Anipal Academy Awards" show and pawpawty event! We were very honored to be asked to be part of the planning committee!

The inspiration behind this was of course the many anipals out there with so many different talents.  From the words of @AutumntheDoxie the Executive Director of this event "Whether we make others laugh, help organize, write blogs, make movies, help our furfriends on the journey to rainbow bridge, or are just a good furfriend to have we all do something to help one another. Now we will have the opportunity to  shine and show one another how much we appreciate what we do for each other and animals everywhere, no matter how small or how big what we do is."

So if you are on twitter or if you are new to this and want to check out some of the nominees / videos / photo submissions etc, please do so. Here are the links:

Anipal Academy Awards information and blog can be viewed here: http://anipalacademyawards.blogspot.com/

Rainbow bridge nominees can be viewed here: http://anipalawardsotrb.blogspot.com/
Hampton and ZuZu nominated Starbuck, here is his write up: http://anipalawardsotrb.blogspot.com/2010/05/puppyjones.html

We can't wait for the pawty!

more cartoon videos coming soon

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I've had to delay putting up new cartoon videos of the BB's but I am working on that! I'm aiming to get another one up next week! I'm going to try to actually put in voices on this next one. Its fun learning to do this stuff and hope you'll like it.

Stay tuned! ♥ ♥ ♥

Until then, here is our youtube channel again www.youtube.com/user/puppyjoneslove

Subscribe and be our friend! :)

happy mummy's day to all the dog mums too!

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Random person: Do you have kids?
Me: Yup, I have 3 dogs. Starbuck is our first, he's a beagle and now with us in spirit. ZuZu is a schnauzer / heeler, the middle child and the angel of our family. Hampton is the newest member.  He's a beagle too. He has no fear and can be a handful but he's adorable so gets away with it.
I've had this conversation many times and that's always my standard answer. 
Dave and I made a decision years ago not to have 'children'. No regrets there as I love being a 'dog mum' and always will.  

Happy Mothers Day to all the dog Mum's out there! This is our day too :)
I leave you with a funny I saved from an email I got a few years ago. Enjoy!

1. I could walk around safely barefoot in the dark.
2. My house could be carpeted instead of tiled and laminated.
3. All flat surfaces, clothing, furniture, and cars would be free of dog hair.
4. When the doorbell rang, it wouldn't sound like the SPCA kennels and I could get to the door without wading through four or five dog bodies who beat me there.
5. I could sit how I wanted to on the couch without taking into consideration where several little furbodies would need to get.
6. I would not have strange presents under my tree, like dog bones, stuffed animals and have to answer to people why I wrap them up.
7. I would not be on a first name basis with a vet.
8. Most used words in my vocabulary would not be: potty, outside, sit, down, come, no, and leave him/her ALONE.
9. My house would not be cordoned off into zones with baby gates.
10. My purse would not contain things like poop pick up bags and dog treats.
11. I would no longer have to spell the world B-A-L-L and F-R-I-S-B-E-E.
12. I would not buy weird things to stuff into "kongs" or have to explain why I'm buying them, or what a "kong" is.
13. I would not have as many leaves INSIDE my house as outside.
14. I would not look strangely at people who think having their ONE dog ties them down too much.
15. I would not have to answer the question why do I have so many dogs from people who will never have the joy in their life of knowing they are loved unconditionally by something as close to an angel as they will ever get. Who else has a friend who considers you the MOST important thing in the whole wide world all the time.
-- Author Unknown

we have a youtube channel!

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Hey everyone! I'm feeling out of touch as I haven't been online as much as I usually am. It's been busy as we're trying to catch up on a few projects. One of them is working on Part 3 of our first series of animation shorts called "online love", featuring Hampton Monroe. I had hoped to have it posted yesterday but will have it up by tomorrow! If you haven't seen Part 1 and 2 please have a peek! If you like them please feel free to forward, tweet, or post on your blog / facebook or simply subscribe!  :)  We plan on creating more of these on an ongoing basis. Starbuck, ZuZu and our other characters will also have their own story lines.

Our youtube channel is www.youtube.com/user/puppyjoneslove (I wasn't able to get Puppy Jones).  We also posted them on our fun stuff page so people could access them on our site as well. Note: We are still going to make modifications to the fun stuff page to make it more fun. We'd like it to have much more than just our videos...its all coming soon (still on my list!)

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