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Mummy & Hampton ♥ puppy love ♥ photography

It was a gorgeous day today. We got our first snowfall and the sun was just beaming. The pups were just itching to get out (and so was Dave with Cammii Zunon) so we spent most of the morning out in the yard. Dave is still getting used to Cammii but getting the feel for her quite quickly. He took some great shots and I want to post them all right now but have to conserve and also think Hampton and ZuZu want to use them for their own blog posts ;)

Here is one set that I really like. I didn't even know Dave was taking these.  These were taken right after Hampton finished zooming around the yard. I think he wanted to 'touch base' with me and kept jumping up at me to give me a kiss. A little sweetie isn't he?

I like that we are set behind a heart (it's actually one of our patio chairs) and also like that my face isn't in focus because I didn't have make up on - ha! Thanks Dave for catching such a beautiful moment for me. 


1st pics ♥ puppy love ♥ photography

Dave got an early birthday present, a Canon DSLR! Here are 1st pics (unedited) with the camera we've nicknamed "Cammii Zunon" (mix of Hammie & ZuZu with Camera & Canon - lol). What do you think??!

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our mini get away

Dave and I just came back from a mini vacation to Courtenay, BC.  We were only there for a few days and had a great time. We had a lot of R&R time and I especially appreciated the fact I could sleep in past 5AM -- that's when Hampton wakes me up every morning!! Here are some pics from our trip:

Again, it was a great time but I am glad we're back home with the bb's - even if that means a 5AM wake up call... (jonesin' for puppy love!).


procrastinating ♥ puppy love ♥ website stuff

I'm procrastinating which is unlike me but I have more than a few things on my plate and feeling a bit distracted.

One of the things I'm procrastinating on includes drawing up a new comic. I have a few ideas ready to go but I want to save those for later. Hmmm....ugh!!

Oh, by the way, if you haven't already seen this, check out this wonderful write up on our Puppy Jones comics by My Daily Toki...♥. We found Toki and her Mum via the wordless wednesday blog hop we recently  joined. The write up goes into our process for how we come up with our comics (thanks again for writing about us Toki & Christine!!!). 

Ok, now Hampton is on my case. He is giving me the evil eye because its dinner time. I certainly can't be late for that!

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home ♥ puppy love ♥ hampton monroe (beagle)

The other day we left one of our laptops on the armchair and then came back to find this:

Hampton wiggled his way onto the armchair. I guess he wanted to update his own blog, fb status or twitter? Or maybe he was trying to tell me mine was getting a bit stale. LOL! The little task master (just look at the expression on his face)!

It has been a while since I updated my own blog. I've been busy studying, reading and also preparing for some new work. And, it seems between that, the comics and all the social networking the pups are into (ha!) my own blogging has fallen to the wayside.

With that said, generally all is good on the home front. We are all just trying to get past winter and looking forward to spring and warmer weather!

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