another episode last night

Last night was tough. I haven't slept yet and can't sleep. Last night around 11pm SB had another episode. It started again with him looking a bit uncomfortable and not wanting to sleep on his blankets or pillows. We checked his gums - pale. His temp also had fallen to around 36 (normal healthy dog temp taken from the bum is between 38 and 39). We started him on his meds/supplements.
We spend the whole night waiting, monitoring and escalating the meds. Finally at about 7am his temp turned and was back around 37. And now its at 38.3 which is the highest its been since he's been sick. His gums also have their color back. He's very tired and I'm sure its the meds and not being able to sleep properly. I'm still anxious though and waiting to have him ask me where his treat is. Thats when I'll know things are ok.
I am so happy he made it through the night. It breaks my heart to see him this way and its so hard when they can't tell you how much pain they are in. At one point I told SB how much we love him and that we knew how much he loved us. And, if this was the right time then it was ok but that if he felt he wanted to fight then we are all here fighting for him. Based on his response I think there are still a few things for him to do in this lifetime.
Will update more later today when he wakes up.
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