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Dave and I are starting up our workout regime again. Hampton and ZuZu have become accustomed to our unusual activity (I wonder what they really think we are doing?). This comic pretty much sums up the routine.

Today I caught a funny pic of Hampton as he was 'taking it to the next level',  do you think he was trying to tell us something was starting to smell a little funny (ahem, Daddy?):

Here's a pic of ZuZu while we do sit ups. She's so cute. Sit ups = belly rubs in her mind.

We had a longer than usual workout today and it ran into Hampton's dinner time. Here's a pic of him as he was pacing upstairs waiting for us to finish.

Hampton refused to come back down and sent ZuZu to give us sad face and remind us what time it was.

I have to admit I had no problem ending the session a few minutes early...I can't let my bb's starve can I?

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