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Hello! I haven't been able to keep up with this blog as regularly as I'd like to. Time just goes by faster and faster each year. Here is a quick update:

Hampton is doing well, I can't believe he's already almost 9 months now. He's the most expensive pup we've had so far - in terms of things he's destroyed around the house. To name a few examples, he took a chunk out of our living room couch (the one my parents don't even sit on because they didn't want to ruin it), he ate the leather straps off my mother in law's watch she gave me and he's eaten bits and pieces of our baseboards which we will have to replace eventually.

ZuZu continues to be our angel and a little tattletale. She will come over and sit at our feet or paw at our legs when Hampton is up to no good. She turned 8 back in June but is still going strong, loving life and jumping for balls.

We still think of Starbuck everyday. He is still so much a part of our life. We see so much of him in Hampton.

Here is a pic I quickly made from photoshop of our three bb's being silly together.



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