anipal academy awards

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I've been meaning to blog about this for a while and don't know why I didn't get to it sooner! My pups and I have met some great anipals and their "hoomans" on twitter. Recently one of our anipals had a great idea for an "Anipal Academy Awards" show and pawpawty event! We were very honored to be asked to be part of the planning committee!

The inspiration behind this was of course the many anipals out there with so many different talents.  From the words of @AutumntheDoxie the Executive Director of this event "Whether we make others laugh, help organize, write blogs, make movies, help our furfriends on the journey to rainbow bridge, or are just a good furfriend to have we all do something to help one another. Now we will have the opportunity to  shine and show one another how much we appreciate what we do for each other and animals everywhere, no matter how small or how big what we do is."

So if you are on twitter or if you are new to this and want to check out some of the nominees / videos / photo submissions etc, please do so. Here are the links:

Anipal Academy Awards information and blog can be viewed here:

Rainbow bridge nominees can be viewed here:
Hampton and ZuZu nominated Starbuck, here is his write up:

We can't wait for the pawty!
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