we're happy when the bbs are happy

Things have been really good. SB is in such good health right now. His doctor came by for a check up and she was surprised at how well he is doing. Heartbeat good, gums good, weight good. All good! Yay!! He has been episode free since Saturday. He and ZuZu are snuggle bunnies these days. I think she feels more comfortable snuggling up to him now that he's feeling better. We also expanded their bed and made it a bit longer and added more blankets. They are super spoiled!
We've also been able to actually sleep through the night which is soo nice. But getting just a little bit of something good always makes you want more and more. All I've felt like doing is sleeping. Speaking of...night everyone! Just wanted to give you all an update on things.

p.s. By the way, we've had a few people ask what BB stands for as its a term we use all the time to refer to our family and to SB and ZZ. "BB" comes from an inside joke between me and D which stands for Bad Breath. Long story... ;)
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