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So its been a few months since we re-launched Puppy Jones and I'm happy about how its going so far. We are still working on a few of the pages (e.g. fun stuff needs to expand, the links page, the shop...). Dave and I still have our day jobs so we are doing what we can in our spare time. There are a few hiccups with the shop but we're getting there and that is our priority.

I am still really shy about my drawings, animations and everything else about Puppy Jones because its a part of me that not everyone has seen or actually knows about (this is the first year that Dave and I have really tried to put Puppy Jones out there). But what is really encouraging for me are the really great people and dogs that I and the bb's have met online over the last few months. Its such a great community!

By joining twitter (@puppyjones and @puppyjoneslove) and facebook (mainly Hampton's profile) we've made connections with writers / bloggers, artists, photographers, graphic designers, life adventurers, etc. What is extra special about these connections and discoveries I think is that there is a common love for dogs.

It seems everyone I've come across has showed encouragement, positive energy and support that you don't always get from other people you meet or know. I think it definitely has something to do with the fact that we all have this love for animals, especially dogs. For lack of a better term, I call that puppy power! (I'm imagining puppy rock doing his fist pumps as I say this - if you don't know what I'm talking about see puppy rock in this video)

Here are a few people and their blog / websites that I've come across and really enjoy. They are all genuinely nice, interesting people and am happy to have met them online.

azora - Hyedie co-writes on this blog which is mainly about sharing thoughts, art and various creations. She belongs to a beagle named Dukey and regularly fosters rescue beagles. By day Heydie is a graphic designer and I love her designs. Her design work can be found here: http://www.happyd-designs.com/ What is also cool is that her boyfriend / fiance(?!) is a positive reinforcement dog trainer. I love this video of her fiance and Petey the rescue beagle they are fostering. I hope to meet Hyedie and Dukey in person this month!

The Joyful Springer - This blog is inspired by Ande's joyful springers, Ducky and Muggins. Ande has such positive energy I was naturally drawn to her website / blog. This blog is all about joy and each post features a fun / happy dog.  Who could ask for more? Ducky's twitter is @joyfulspringer

Ruby's Big Adventure - Ruby is a very cute and funny Boston Terrier and one of the bb's twitter friends. Her Mum Kim writes about  adventures with Ruby which include what its like raising a puppy (with 2 other cats in the house) and the recovery from surgery on both of her hind legs. Ruby tweets @RubytheBT

Animals Wisdom - Maya is a Intuitive Communicator and Holistic Health Consultant learning life lessons with her pitt bull, Starr. She blogs on her website and takes beautiful photos. I really like her outlook on life and perspective on our relationship with animals. She tweets regularly @animalswisdom

Melissa Travels - This is one of the life adventurers I was talking about. Melissa moved all the way from the US to Thailand...with her Beagle Sadie! Need I say more? She blogs regularly about her new life there with Sadie by her side. Sadie and her Mum tweet @Sadiebeagle

http://blog.merrindonahue.com - Merrin is another life adventurer and a beagle Mummy to Oliver. Merrin's traveled to Africa a few years ago and wrote all about it in her blog. I really enjoyed reading all about it - she was very detailed in her posts with great photos. Oliver tweets @Oliverthebeagle

lipsmackstudio - I just recently met Scooter and Bella (2 beagles) and their Mummy Laura on facebook via Hampton. Laura is a graphic designer and a photographer. I'm still reading through Laura's blog but really liking it so far. You'll find beautiful photos here and I really enjoy reading her posts.

That's it for now but I'm sure I'll have more to add to this puppy power blog roll list in the future. There are a few dogs with their own blogs I'd like to mention but I'll save that for another post.
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