I'm happy. We just got back from a 5 day trip to Arizona. Man, were our days packed with things to do (thanks Dave!). In 5 days we golfed 3x, shopped at the major outlet malls, drove to the Grand Canyon (3.5hrs 1 way), checked out some real estate, went to a hockey game, caught up with some friends and I think that's it. LOL. I didn't think I'd last but I did it. haha! Dave knows I need my down time and I only had 2 mini breakdowns but I did it!! We both noticed the rate of my f-bombs were much higher than usual and since coming home it is back down to it's usual rate ;)

The Grand Canyon was definitely the highlight of the trip. Such a beautiful and spiritual place. I could spend a week + there. We only had a day so we went to a few of the major viewpoints and took lots of pictures. Next time I would plan to watch the sunrise / set, maybe go for a horseback ride through the trails, do some hiking and sign up for a tour by water.

Golf was also really nice. We both beat our personal best scores! I think the lessons with Dad are definitely paying off! We both agreed Arizona is a cheaper alternative vacation spot next to Hawaii (nothing beats Hawaii!!!).

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