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A few months ago I blogged about dogs, thailand and voluntourism! I got the info from an online friend Melissa (mum to Hampton and ZuZu's beagle friend Sadie). Since then I received an email from Zoe,  founder of www.theinsideandout.com. I went on their website and it looks like another great opportunity! A couple of trips coming up include, one in March in the oceanside town of Manzanillo Mexico which includes volunteering in a mass community spay/neuter clinic and then surf, snorkel, trek and kayak, and one in May in Greece (I want to do this one!), which includes helping to fix up a shelter and also doing educational work, followed by rafting, trekking, sea kayaking and a mineral springs excursion. Zoe blogged about her experience in Greece last year here.

I am so very inspired by all the work that is being done to raise awareness and help animals around the world!


I have decided within the next 5 years we are definitely going to do one of these volunteer vacations and soon you'll be reading about all about our adventures! :)

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