feeling overwhelmed!

It's time to re-vamp our website. I have also been meaning to start blogging again and posting more of our photos and comics on our website but feeling stuck on where to start. Especially with all the social media apps etc etc out there, it feels a bit overwhelming.

I've mostly been using facebook and a teeny bit of twitter but like everyone else I'm getting bored of facebook. Not sure if I'm too late for pinterest, I love instagram but only have a personal private profile, I'm still not sure about Google + (are people using it now?) and what do I do with whatever else is out there? aaaahhhhh!!!!! :)

I guess I should just start with this website. I admit I've been neglecting it because it's so easy to just post on facebook. But I don't want facebook to take place of what we originally started here and I don't want all our stuff stored on Zuckerpoo's site.

I shouldn't let laziness and wanting to revamp the website be a reason to stop blogging. One step at a time, ok that's what I'll do...re-start blogging and posting back on our site, while working on the re-vamp. Thanks for listening... :)




I'm happy. We just got back from a 5 day trip to Arizona. Man, were our days packed with things to do (thanks Dave!). In 5 days we golfed 3x, shopped at the major outlet malls, drove to the Grand Canyon (3.5hrs 1 way), checked out some real estate, went to a hockey game, caught up with some friends and I think that's it. LOL. I didn't think I'd last but I did it. haha! Dave knows I need my down time and I only had 2 mini breakdowns but I did it!! We both noticed the rate of my f-bombs were much higher than usual and since coming home it is back down to it's usual rate ;)

The Grand Canyon was definitely the highlight of the trip. Such a beautiful and spiritual place. I could spend a week + there. We only had a day so we went to a few of the major viewpoints and took lots of pictures. Next time I would plan to watch the sunrise / set, maybe go for a horseback ride through the trails, do some hiking and sign up for a tour by water.

Golf was also really nice. We both beat our personal best scores! I think the lessons with Dad are definitely paying off! We both agreed Arizona is a cheaper alternative vacation spot next to Hawaii (nothing beats Hawaii!!!).


happy howl-o-ween ♥ puppy love ♥ life with dogs

For howl-o-ween this year I made peanut butter noms for friends at work.

Most of the team I work with are dog mums so they really appreciated the unexpected treat :)

The bbs were piggies again for 5th+ year in a row. They are just too darn cute in these costumes I haven't changed them. I saw pictures of one beagle dressed up as a banana. Maybe next year I'll get my my ass up and buy them new costumes....maybe.


been a while ♥ puppy love ♥ life with dogs

Hello Internet,
It's been a while (wow over a year since my last post!). But I think I'm back...and back with a totally awesome new sweater that I want to wear every day!

I've been away from blogging and being obsessed with all things dog as my day job has been extremely busy. But now I've got some extra time...over the next while I think I'm going to be working about 2.5ish days a week.  With this new found time I'm debating between finding another contract or just hanging out for a bit. I'm thinking the latter at least for a little while.

I have some ideas I'm going to try out, just some fun things I want to do. I will definitely post more about it once I'm ready.

Until then, be on the look out for more pics of a cute beagle named Hampton and cute mutt named ZuZu! :)


us ♥ puppy love ♥ life with dogs

We're not having much of a summer yet but I managed to take a few pics (edited using Camera+) of us enjoying the garden when the sun peaked out. I just love these ones of Hampton and ZuZu.


jonesin' for Mummy love? ♥ puppy love ♥ life with dogs

The other day we were just relaxing in the kitchen and Hampton decided to snuggle up on my lap, as he usually does.

What was different this time was how he began to stare at me. It wasn't the look of "where's my dinner" or "let's play" or "I'm bored". But rather he was staring at me so intently, as if to really study or memorize every feature on my face. It felt like he was really trying to "see me". Does that make any sense?

Dave managed to capture Hampton's 'stare' in the following photo:

I swear he sat and stared at me like that for a good 15 minutes. Then eventually he climbed up even further on me and just wanted to snuggle up real close.

I guess the only way I can explain the moment we shared was that he was really jonesin' for some Mummy love? xo

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