starbuck and hampton

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As you may know, Starbuck and Hampton have never met. However, we believe Starbuck's spirit lives in Hampton. After all, Ham was born the day after Starbuck passed. We often wonder what lessons Starbuck might have taught Ham, from one beagle to another. We're sure a head tilt (see comic page) would be on the list.

Although they are similar in the simple fact they are the same breed and in terms of the abundance of love and snuggles they have to give, they definitely have their own personalities. A few examples:

Starbuck was very particular about his cleanliness. He did not like stepping in anything dirty. He would literally tip toe around muddy puddles and very quick to leave the area where he would do his business. He also loved loved loved his baths. We would often find Starbuck sitting in the bathtub just waiting for his 'spa time'.


Hampton is...well not so clean. He loves getting his paws dirty and I have to admit he did have a thing for eating his poop (yuck!). Hampton doesn't mind baths but soon after its all done he is quick to get himself all dirty again.


Starbuck was very particular about his food and treats. Quite unusual for a beagle. We could leave food out for him and he wouldn't touch it until he felt like it. He also liked to inspect the treats that were offered to him. There were some he would take politely and others he would shun away.


Hampton loves his food and treats. He will gobble anything up. Recent evidence is the charcoal we had to give him for the potential exposure to rat poison. He also likes to eat up all his toys. That's why he's only allowed a few minutes with them at a time.


Starbuck was also a very dramatic beagle. He would yelp at the slightest things that upset him. He also was very sacred of bugs. If he saw a spider or fly he would run to straight to me and literally jump in my lap.


Hampton isn't scared of anything. When we first brought him home he was bouncing around and exploring every area of the house. We first knew he was going to be a fiesty one when he went down the stairs for the first time. He didn't want any of our help and barked at us when we tried to get close. He wanted to do it all himself!


Despite these differences I think if they did have the opportunity to meet they would be great pals. I could see Starbuck teaching him the secrets to getting what they want from us humans, just like in the head tilt comic. I think they would have made great partners in crime!

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